To keep the Boon experience great for everybody, please abide by the following:

Enter your details correctly.

This might sound obvious but it can prevent you from having a smooth, problem-free transaction.

Please make sure to enter an accurate pick-up address. Also, make sure that the mobile number in the app is correct so that your driver can contact you.

Contact your driver.

Often your driver will call you to tell you that they're on their way. If they don't, you have the option to call them to ensure they're coming to pick you up. If your driver does call, make sure you answer the phone, otherwise, they might think you don't really want a vehicle.

Be committed.

Once you've made a booking, stick with it. It's not fair to cancel on a driver who has accepted your job or to 'No Show'. This undermines the system for everybody.
When a Driver accepts your job, you can see how far away it is on the map and how many minutes you can expect to wait. Please wait for them. Jumping into another cab on the street is really not very nice. You do have the option to abandon the trip if you no longer need the vehicle, or if the driver is too far away.

If your driver is only 10 or 15 minutes away and it is a peak period, please don't be too quick to abandon the job. 10 minutes might seem like a long time, however, Boon wants to be of the quickest ways of getting a personal ride and you may be waiting longer for an expensive or available taxi or vehicle in busy periods. 

Be respectful.

Please treat your driver with courtesy and respect. It's a two-way street.

Failure to observe the above could result in the suspension of your Boon account.